New and dark EP by Belgian DkA via Bade Records


British record label Bade Records is back with its sixth release at the end of September 2015: Brussels DJ DkA and his two-track EP called “Mind Looped”. “I’m always inspired by what is around me, emotions I feel at the time”, says the Belgian music producer about the production process. “When I did the EP, I was in a pretty dark mood and I had to express it. “Looped Mind” represents things that turn in loop in the head. “Sonar” is what I felt at the Sonar festival in Barcelona this year. It was a nervous feeling because Barcelona was so noisy with a lot of people but I was ready to dance at the same time.” He produced both tracks at his home studio in Brussels: “I can’t work outside. I’ve got my devices and my configuration there and I know the frequency response of the room.”

DkA will release his EP via Bade Records thanks to a collaboration he did with Igor Vicente for Mobilee Records. “They contacted me after they heard the collaboration on Mobilee Records and Get Physical Music. The feeling was directly natural. The remixes are under construction and a remix EP is also coming.” The EP is set to be released digitally on September 21st, 2015.


01. Mind Looped
02. Sonar